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Casa Merkaba

The Merkaba shape is created through the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids, a shape called the tetrahedron.  One pyramid points up, and the other points down.  There is a good amount of information available about the Merkaba and its energetic significance.  The triangle is the symbol of the Casa.  The three dimensional triangles of the two tetrahedrons represent the combination of the male and female archetypes, together in a perfectly balanced and symbiotic relationship.  The Casa Merkaba carries a very powerful vibration both as a meditation tool (unset) and as a pendant.

The Merkaba is currently available in green obsidian crystal only.  It comes unset, or in a sterling silver wirewrap pendant setting.  Three sizes are available - 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm.  You can order from this authorized website:


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