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About Casa Crystals

Casa Crystals

Casa Crystals are imbued with the healing light and compassionate energy of the entities of Casa Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil. For over 30 years, Medium Joao ("John of God") has been channeling these entities of light, love, compassion, and peace, bringing miraculous healings to millions of visitors.

Crystal Source

Crystals are originally sourced from mines mostly in Goias, central Brazil, not far from the Casa.  Each week the Casa receives deliveries of water, and crystals of different kinds.  Once at the Casa, the water and crystals are programmed by the entities of the Casa Dom Inacio, specifically to benefit the healing of all people touched by the Casa energy.

Crystal Types

Several different types of crystals come to the Casa to receive this healing energy.  Clear quartz crystals are most common, but also rose quartz, blue sodalite, green aventurine, and smoky quartz are often seen.  Occasionally small quantities of citrine, green obsidian, emeralds, and a variety of other stones become available, but all Casa Crystals come from the Casa, and have received the healing energy there.

Crystal Energy

All stones have a similar healing energy, all provide benefits for your highest good, and all stones are equally powerful.  The stones that appeal to you are the stones that are best for your healing. If you love the clarity of the clear crystals, then those are the best stones for you.  If you love blue, then you will connect closely with the blue sodalite.  If green, or yellow, or smoky crystals draw you, then you should work with these stones. In addition to the Casa energy, each different mineral carries its own vibration.  For example, rose quartz is known for its heart-opening energy.  You can read more about the different vibrations carried by various minerals in books such as The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons, which is an excellent resource.

Crystal Uses

Crystal points are most commonly used for meditation.  Crystals can be held in the hand, placed on the chest, around the body, in a bath, and can be used in as many other ways as the imagination allows.  Crystal points are bulky, and so crystal jewelry is useful for keeping that energy with you all day, and help to keep you connected to your compassionate heart even during your hectic daily schedule. Is there a perfect crystal for you?  Yes, it is the one you have in your hand!