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Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose quartz from the Casa is a very light, milky pink.  The energy feels soft and heart-centered.    You can order from this authorized website:


Round Pendant 6mm
Oval Ring 10x8mm
Oval Pendant 18x13mm
Oval Pendant 14x10mm
Heart Pendant 12mm
Heart Pendant 10mm
Rectangle Pendant 14x10mm
Rectangle Pendant 10x8mm
Pear Pendant 12x8mm
Pear Pendant 15x10mm
Pear Pendant 18x13mm
Trilliant Pendant 10mm
Trilliant Pendant 12mm
Round Earings 6mm
Round Pendant 12mm
Oval Earings 10x8mm
Round Cab Earings 6mm
Oval Cab Earings 8x6mm
Oval Cab Pendant 10x8mm
Nugget Bead Earings
Trilliant Earings 10mm