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Clear Quartz Jewelry

Faceted gems are made from clear and bright quartz points that we purchase from the Casa.  Quartz points have been mined in Brazil and then brought to the Casa where the Casa entities imbue the stones with healing and compassionate energy.  We then send the stones to Sri Lanka where they are faceted in a lapidary managed by a Buddhist monk.  Gems then return to Vermont where they are carefully set into a variety of jewelry creations.  You can order from these authorized websites:

Eyeglasses.com                 Exquisite Crystals

7-Stone Pendant
7-Stone Pendant 18k
Round Pendant 6mm
Round Pendant 12mm
Round Pendant 15mm
Round Pendant 20mm
Pear Pendant 12x8mm
Pear Pendant 15x10mm
Trilliant Pendant 12mm
3-Stone Pendant
Round Earings 6mm
Trilliant Earings 7mm
Heart Earings 10mm
Oval Earings 10x8mm
Rectangle Earings 10x8mm
Pear Earings 12x8mm